Tools and Utilities (for Win32)

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(no user interface - command line parameters only)
Utility that watches certain directory, running specified program for each file that appears in that directory. If program succeeds, the file will be deleted, otherwise, a message box is displayed


(no user interface - command line parameters only)
Utility that watches for certain file or a directory (on a local drive - not network) and displays a message box when that file is deleted

Tabulation converter (win32 console app)

This utility converts tabulation in source files from 8-space tabs size to 4-space tabs size and backwards. Several text editors now have default setting tab=4sp. Source code (Watcom) is included.

Memory read/write speed tester (for Win32)
(win32 console app)

testmem.exe is a command-line tool for testing speed of the memory access on your computer. It will just print out time and speed of consecutive writing and reading a few megabytes of memory several times.
I also plan to run a small database on TestMem page with test results from various systems. Please e-mail me your computer's test.

An alarm-clock application. It can establish dial-up connections under Windows NT

ding.exe - executable, ding.rar - source.
(win32 GUI)

Simple download utilities for well structured resource arrays

Download all pictures from and all skins and plugins from (outdated).
(win32 console app)

Advanced registry editor (win32 GUI)

An unfinished program that still has search/replace function working.

TrnspGIF - mark a colour of gif image transparent

A very simple command-line program that may be very helpful in some cases. (win32 console app)

'Columns + Tetris' game

Java-version. Has nothing to do with Win32, though :)

Calls ShowWindow API function :)

Versions for both GUI and console. May be used as a framework for this kind of applications.

Copy utility for big files at HDD

(win32 console). Copies files using 60MB buffer, with FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH.

File checksum calculator

(win32 console). Files are read bypassing win32 disk cache.

Under construction!

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