Advanced Regedit - windows registry editor with search/replace function
version 0.14a

This page is under construction. Program's description will be available soon.

Warning: Logging of search/replace function activity is incomplete in this version. Your actions can not be undone. Think twice and be careful!
This program is provided on "as is" basis. No warranty.

Interface: Win32 GUI; English
Licence: GNU GPL
Compiler: MSVC 6

Currently available functionality:
-  Connect/Disconnect network registry (main menu)
-  Load Hive (main menu)
-  Unload Hive (main menu)
-  Save Key to file, Load Key from file (main menu)
-  Find (main menu or ^F) & Find Next (main menu or F3)
-  Search+Replace (main menu or ^H)
-  New/Delete/Rename key (context menu for keys)
-  Move/Copy Key to (context menu for keys)
-  New/Delete/Rename/Modify Key value (context menu for values)
-  Move/Copy Key value(s) to another key (context menu for values)
-  Change type of Key value (context menu for values)
-  Drag & Drop (since 0.11a)
-  Favorites (main menu)

Currently unavailable functionality:
-  Export/Import registry file
-  "RegReplaceKey" not tested and disabled (main menu)
-  Undo
-  Help
-  Anything else one may wish

Feel free to send me any comments and suggestions.

regedt33.exe (176KB)
regedt33.rar - program & source code archived (120KB)
regedt33012.rar previous version
CVS viewer at SF
You may need to download a slightly modified SGI STL 3.3 to build this program

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