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CHETLW is a simple 3-D engine. I take part in it's development (my responsibilities are performance and light).

Hey programmers! Who would like to participate in this project - e-mail me!

About this project (in Russian and for russians only)

System requirements:

Features available at this time: Notes:
  1. All features available only in hi-color (15 or 16-bit) modes
  2. 8-bit mode is available only through recompilation (i.e. in different exe-file)
  3. Resolution is set up upon recompilation (here it is 640x400)
  4. All package files must be present to run correctly
  5. Set up lris only in aftlng.cfg
  6. All bitmaps are taken from wolf3d and quake
Operation description will be available soon.

Most important console commands:

Most important variables: Keys: Download:
Older version of this page (including non-mmx version)
Latest package of CHETLW (without sound):
CHETLW in rar archive [519205 bytes]
CHETLW in rar sfx archive [537055 bytes]
Note that Netscape browser doesn't download rar files correctly unless .rar file type is properly registered
Lng.Hrc: CHETLW .lng files syntax hilighting for Far's internal editor

Some screen shots

Graphicon'99 contest
Vasily Zotov's page about chetlw

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