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(Still under re-construction)

My software projects

Chetlw page (last updated: 19.07.2000)

CHETLW is a 3-D software-rendering game engine project

Ding page (last updated: 2000 (en), 04.03.2001 (ru))

Ding is an alarm-clock application. It can establish dial-up connections under Windows NT

Tools and Utilities page (last updated: 04.02.2002)

Featuring Advanced Regedit utility, and other stuff


School I studied in: School 91, Moscow; Another site related to 91'st school.
My Faculty: Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, MSU;
 MMOnline (unofficial site of mech-math faculty)

Complete list of my homepages (most of them don't exist any more :-( )

www.melkov.ru - www server at home. There's nothing interesting up to date.
www.melkov.f2s.com (existed: 1998-2001)
ultra.cs.muh.ru/~melkov (existed: 1998-2000)
windoms.sitek.net/~melkov/ (it was just a small page)

My oldest homepage (windoms.sitek.net/~melkov/old_pages) is now completely dead.
(formerly placed at www.sitek.ru/~melkov)
(created: 1997, last updated: 1998)

Other trash
some stuff
Useful texts

Home Pages of my Friends and Classmates

Grisha Glukhov
Lesha Marchenko
Rinat Safin
Vasya Zotov
Kolya Rusanov

My Former Colleagues (in NCTD)

NCTD is New Computer Technology Department (my previous workplace) (url http://www.cs.muh.ru dead)
Grisha Glukhov
Alexander Semyonov
Vitaliy Vasiliev
Stas Baranov
Andrey Belousov
Dmitry Kulagin
Konstantin Kasatkin

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