Ding is a Windows NT 4.0 software that allows you to control PPP-connections to your Internet service provider even when you are sleeping.

Ding 1.03 beta lets you to program definite Remote Access Service (RAS) event occurrence at the time you set.

Ding can do the following things when one of currently EIGHT times come:
  • Emit sound thorough your computer's PC speaker (16 beeps, each 1 second) and through sound card's speakers (Ringin.wav);
  • Connect to your provider using any default Dial-Up phonebook entry;
  • Disconnect your computer from your provider (all available connections will be cut off);
  • Start process of downloading some files (chosen by you, of course) from the network;
  • Restart your computes or log off current user ("shut down computer" feature doesn't work due to unknown problem under NT);
  • Start any other application [problems with current directory];
  • Send messages to Netscape Messenger Mailbox window (if opened) those make Netscape (4.01 to 4.60) to receive mail and / or  send unsent messages.
  • Note that this is beta-version of the software, so you can use it at your own risk!
    Please also note that this program's development has stopped so that I it's possible that there will be no next version :(
    I should say some words about downloading 'feature'. It has been designed for temporary needs so that downloading process uses standard WinInet.dll functions (just a few of them). Therefore there is no reget for ftp, files' date/time neither saved nor ever checked. If Ding fails to locate a file and destination file don't exist, it will be created anyway with zero length. 'Regetting' process obtains the destination file's length, substracts 5000 bytes
    and tries to download source from that position - if unsuccessful, that position is 0; destination file is written from the position obtained by this procedure.
    That's why I use other people's software for file downloading, generally it's GetRight or TeleportPro (
    but these applications are shareware and will not be reliable enough unless registered).
    Here you can download
  • ding.exe - program executable (02-Dec-98 16:25, 64 KB),
  • ding.rar - RAR archive of both the program and it's source code (02-Dec-98 16:25, 65 KB)
  • Please note that Netscape Navigator downloads unknown file types in text mode, i.e. it may brake archive inless .rar type is properly registered in your OS.

    Distribution notice:
    Ding is a freeware. It may be distributed free of charge without author's permission if no money is involved in and software code is unchanged.
    Ding is distributed on "as-is" basis, there is no warranty and author is not responsible for any damage caused by this software.

    This page is still under construction.

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